Absolutely Essential for This Trump Fan

I still make sure to check out Trump news daily because I am as big of a fan of the man as I was soon after he rode down that escalator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for the president of the United States. I heard Trump talking on the radio back in 2012 and he espoused many of the ideas he ultimately ran on in 2016 and I remember thinking, “If this guy runs for president, I have a feeling he could very well win on that platform.” I sensed that many people were tired of the America bashing.

I also suspected the race baiting by the Obama administration, seen in places like Ferguson, scared many, many voters. So when Trump rode down that elevator and announced, I quickly became a rabid fan. I was one of the earliest supporters, and that meant I was on the internet all the time looking up the latest Trump news. I quickly learned to ignore the slanted and outright fake news coming out of the mainstream media and focused on smaller operations that told the truth about Trump and his amazing campaign. Thank goodness many Americans followed my lead!

Nowadays I still follow Trump and his antics, but I do it through a great newsfeed I found online. It’s a non-stop wall of Trump news stories pulled from various sources. I get up in the morning, start the coffee, and sit down at the computer and get my daily dose of all things Trump conveniently assembled in one spot. I don’t have to wade through Drudge or separate media sites to get my news. The best thing is that using the feed means I’m often better informed than the people I know who just look at one source. Here’s to Trump Making America Great Again!